Launching a Business from a Social Media Group Master Class

Join me as I teach you my 8 step strategy!

Are you looking to launch a business from your successful social media group?

(...but just don’t know where to begin?)

Maybe you’re an admin of a social media group now, or maybe you're looking for a new side hustle. This was me four years ago. Now I have a group that I'm passionate about - and - my very own business!

Join me for my FREE Master Class where you’ll learn my 8 step strategy for launching a business from a social media group, including:

  • The #1 key component you’ll need in order to build your online business.
  • How to collect email addresses for your new business list - and what to do with them.
  • The essential email you should be regularly sending to list members. 
  • Changes you’ll need to make to your group rules in order to seamlessly prepare your community for your business launch.
  • Powerful mindset shifts to make as you transition from admin to business owner.

PLUS, a special offer just for webinar viewers! 


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Melissa Fassel Dunn

Melissa Fassel Dunn is an entrepreneur, an artist, and a mother of three girls.

Melissa owns two businesses. The Milton Scene is a local news, events, and business directory website for Milton, Massachusetts, and is linked to Melissa’s popular town Facebook group. The second business, Grouptize, teaches Facebook group admins and side hustlers how to successfully use a Facebook group to launch a bona fide, money-making business.

Melissa is also the host of Broad Appeal, a show about inspirational women, which airs on Milton Access TV and YouTube. The show features interviews with strong female leaders and entrepreneurs from the area, as well as a variety of segments that are useful and fun.

When she isn’t running one of her businesses or filming, you can find Melissa in her art studio, painting colorful, whimsical landscapes.

Get ready to monetize your passion for community!

"I feel that I could take this knowledge and create my own profitable Facebook group right away." - J., Firedrill Podcast